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La Princesa de Peñasco offers so many Activities.
When you stay on Sandy Beach, be it the La Princesa de Peñasco or any of the other 8
condominium resorts, you will not be lacking activities to participate in. The resorts on
Sandy Beach all are right on the Sea of Cortez and not only offer stunning sunsets, but
allow you to enjoy the water as well as the beach. Here you can swim as well as go sea
shell hunting every day. The beaches are clean and pristine and waiting for you and
your family and friends.
While your stay in Puerto Peñasco may only be for a short time, the choices of what to
do are endless. Have you ever ridden a horse on the beach? In Rocky Point you can
and rent them for as long as you want. The horses are very calm and love to trot along
while you are taking photos of the beach and them. Here you will gently sway back and
forth in the saddle and enjoy the ocean breeze.
If you are a golfer but never played on the golf courses of Mexico, you are in for an
experience. Many of them have many holes running parallel to Sea of Cortez. Puerto
Peñasco is privileged to have 2 course out of the 3 that do just that. Here you can
choose from the Mayan Palace course, Las Palomas or Isla del Mar Golf courses.
These course were designed by some of the best golfers, such as Jack Nickolas. In
summer take advantage of the summer packages with some include golf and stay
Love fishing? Charter a ½ day or full day fishing adventure aboard any of the several
charter boats that go out such as Pancho Villa, Big Mamma, King Catch, Go Big
Charters or many others to choose from. Depending how far out you go, you are able to
catch huge grouper and other fish or staying closer, you will find smaller fish that do put
up a real fight.
There is fun for the whole family riding a Banana Boat. Feeling adventuresome, why not
go para sailing and glide over the shore line of the Rocky Point area and see how big
the city really is.
At the resorts like the Princesa, they all have volleyball courts set up for your enjoyment
as well as most of the resorts have tennis courts or you can find a beach soccer net set
In front of most of the properties, you can rent jet ski’s or ATV’s, Rhinos, Razors and
CanAms to go off roading. This is always a lot of fun to do. You can also rent these to
go into the Malecon or Rodeo Drive to shop or have a nice lunch at any of the
waterfront restaurants. You might also choose to go on the other side of Cholla Bay by
Isla del Mar and rent a paddle board. If none of these have gotten your attention, you
may just want to sit on the beach under a palapa with an ice cold beverage and watch
the Sea of Cortez go in and out with the tide changes.
If you are spending a week in Rocky Point, by all means go out to the Pinacate Visitor
Center and learn about how the volcanos were formed and about how the Apollo team

with Buzz Aldrin and the other astronauts trained in the area, as it resembles the moon
landing. Check out CEDO and learn more about the Sea of Cortez where it meets the
Sonoran desert. At CEDO you can see a full size whale that has been reconstructed.
You are invited to come that short 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson and enjoy
everything the Sea of Cortez and Puerto Peñasco has to offer. Don’t forget to have
some of the big delicious shrimp that Rocky Point is known for and take some home
with you.